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Two women sit at a table looking at a tablet
Two women sit at a table looking at a tablet
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We believe volunteer program managers provide a critical role in the ongoing development and sustainability of volunteer programs.

It doesn’t matter if you are paid or unpaid, program management is a critical role and should not be neglected.

Develop your skills, knowledge and networks. There are lots of resources online, through NVSA or organisations similar. Make use of them and help both yourself and the volunteers out by being the best manager you can be.

Check out our training on the site!

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Manager Training

At NVSA we are always striving for improvement is all of our training courses.

We have just released our latest list of training courses – see attached flyer

Online training is becoming more popular as it allows you to complete your training in a time frame compatible with both your professional life and your personal life, at the present time we are offering ” The Essentials of Managing Volunteers” as an online package BUT please keep checking this page for updates of training packages that are available online.


Peer Network

NVSA is please to facilitate an information and support network for the northern area the Northern Area Volunteer Information Network.

This network provides an opportunity to meet with like minded people, discuss issues relating to volunteering and to the not for profit sector specifically in the north and to hear what is happening in our sector in general.

The network meets every quarter and the dates for our 2022 online meetings are May 4th, September 6th and November 17th.


Mentoring Program

NVSA has developed a Volunteer Program Manager mentoring program.

The program is open to anyone who manages volunteer programs, there is no distinction between paid or unpaid roles.

You will be required to complete an application form and be interviewed by one of our staff. This will enable us to make the best match up.

We will help you to work out specific goals you can work on during the program. The mentoring relationship will be time limited and based on the goals you have established.

The Mentoring Program is a great way to work with someone outside your organisation and obtain an independent perspective on your issues.

The program is underpinned by a number of polices around confidentiality which both parties are expected to adhere to.

If you want to apply to be a mentor this is a great opportunity to work with someone and help them to develop in their professional goals.

To become a mentor you will need to complete an application form and be interviewed by our staff.

Contact Us

Opening hours: Monday -Thursday 9am - 4pm

NVSA is located at 39 John St, Salisbury South Australia, just a stone’s throw from the railway station and bus interchange.

Parking is easiest just behind us however maximum time limit is 3 hours.  If you are attending training or forums, free all day parking is only available in nearby streets.

Phone us on  (08) 8250 1582


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